What You Get

Your purchased report is made of about 21 pages. Our team wants you to have value for money for each report purchased. To make the report meaningful and easy to understand, we have grouped the information into 4 sections; Auction history, Odometer Tampering, Damage Sections and 10X Images.

Auction History

Auction history section provides you more information about the auction of the vehicle or car. Information includes auction data, auction facility and auction state.

Odometer Status

This section of the report provides you reliable information about the odometer or mileage history. With a report you can see if the odometer is functional, accurate, or if it's rolled over. Compare the odometer reading on the vehicle now with the reading on the report.

10X Images

The report image will help you perform a visual assessment of the extent of damages on the vehicles. Some damages stated in the damage sections may not be physically examined.

Damaged Sections

The damage section of the report provides the actual damage areas on the vehicles. Look out for hidden and critical information such as engine, transmission, undercarriage, suspension damages notices, etc.