What You Get

Your purchased report is made of over 5 pages. Grouped into four main  sections: Auction history, Odometer Status & Events, Damage History and Images & Photos. Each vehicle condition report has been summarized for ease of USE and UNDERSTANDING.

Auction History

Auction history section provides you more information about the auction of the vehicle or car. Information includes auction data, auction facility and auction state.

Odometer Status & Event

Assess the condition and state of Odometer equipment as well as the accuracy of the mileage on the vehicle. This section  provides you reliable information to detect Odometer fraud and tampering. Hint:- Compare the odometer reading on the vehicle now with the reading on the report.

Images & Photos

Ascertain the extent of damages with up to ten (10) images of the damage and other critical sections of the vehicle. Enhance your decision making with images. Take a critical look at them.  Some damages stated in the damage sections may not be physically examined.

Damaged History

Assess the damages of the vehicle with greater insight and details of the actual damage on the vehicle. Look out for hidden and critical information such as engine, transmission, undercarriage, suspension damages to aid your inspection and drive tests., etc.