Insurance and Banking

Every used car has a history. We know it.Integrate vehicle condition and background checks into underwriting and claims processes.

Rely on us to:

Improve Risk Profiling and Background Checks

Get first hand information and understanding of the risk you are accepting into your books. Make appropriate and right decisions.

Detect and Prevent Fraud

Detect accidents that did not occur within the insurer's country after the policy was purchased and prevent fraudulent accident claims.

Enhance Premium Calculation

Use our extensive condition report as a factor to determine right premiums for clients. If the year of manufacture is factor to determine the premium why not the condition.

Used car Dealers and Garages

Every used car has two buyers. You and your customer.Build buyer confidence with our extensive report.

Use HomeUsedCar reports to:

Attract More Buyers

More credible information about a car differentiates your ad and increases your sales leads.

Generate Faster Sales

More leads and visits increase your conversion opportunities and deliver faster sales.

Used Car Listings

HomeUsedCar's solution for used car listing andinventory sites creates lead generation and a better user experience.

Generate experience to:

Create Transparency

HUCA builds consumer confidence online by providing more relevant information about a used car.

Boost Engagement

Offering relevant content such as the HUCA Vehicle History Report enhanced content and engagement encouraging consumers to spend more time on listings, creating more opportunities for sellers.

Increased Sales

Transparency leads to longer engagement with the ad creating a higher probability that the user will contact the seller.


Every used car has to be safe. We can help.Integrate our solution to enhance vehicle registration to :

Reduce Crime and Fraud

Avoid stolen vehicles being registered in the country. We partner many around the world to prevent car theft crimes. Our database and records is extensive with our over 5+ million vehicle records dated as far back as 1999.

Protect the Community

Detect unsafe cars (i.e. with salvage or suspension damage, deployed SRS, etc) from public roads to improve road safety.