Check out some Benefits

Protect & Save Your Investment

Make the right decisions and choices by avoiding critically damaged vehicles.

Uncover Hidden Damages

Discover hidden damages difficult to detect with normal inspections such as related to transmission, engine, mechanical, electrical or suspension.

Detect Flood Vehicles

Vehicles damaged by flood is hard to detect. With just a click you can detect and avoid flood vehicles imported to the country easily.

Make Informed Decisions

Make right decisions based on facts. Reports are carefully developed to ease your decisions.


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Awesome features

We aim to provide you relevant information to give you the best experience to purchase a used vehicle.

VIN Scanner

Easily scan Bar and QR codes on vehicles with the mobile scanner feature on our mobile app.

Decode Vehicle

Decode the vehicle to gain more insight on the vehicle such as year, make, tank capacity, brake system, engine, etc.

Easy Payment Options

Payment options made easier with mobile money and card services

Report On-The-Go

Get summarized, meaningful and easy to understand reports.

In-report odometer conversion

In-report distance conversion feature auto converts odometer reading from miles to kilometers. Detect mileage tampering with ease.

Tips and Notifications

Tips to assist you understand the report and what to look out for.

How HUCA works

Enter or Scan VIN

Look for 17-digit number on the vehicle through the driver’s side windscreen or driver’s side door jamb. For e.g. 5NPE34AF5HH501715

Decode and Order a History Report

Order a vehicle history report using our website or mobile app – HomeUsedCar. Pay with mobile money, credit or debit card.

Receive and View Report

A vehicle history report is instantly delivered  to your HomeUsedCar mobile app or on the website. A PDF copy is sent to your registered email as well.